Creating Perfect Practices Through Healthcare and Medical Financing

At Avniel Commercial Funding, we want to help you build your practice and expand your operations, which is why we offer a special healthcare and medical financing program. Our team has the expertise and resources that can help you find the perfect funding solution.

Our Clients

We are willing to work with small, medium, and large practices with a variety of specialties. Some possible beneficiaries of our healthcare financing program include:

  • Doctors
  • Dentists
  • Veterinarians
  • Chiropractors

Equipment Options

We are able to both lease and loan medical equipment, at the same time if necessary. We offer a range of payment options, with up to 50% soft costs. This is a great way to access expensive equipment and expand your services.

Working Capital

In addition, we have a program that can be used to enhance your working capital, allowing you to consolidate debt, fulfill immediate needs, or make improvements. These loans are not reported to personal credit bureaus, have terms as long as 72 months, and may be used as you see fit.

Practice Expansions

Our resources can also assist you if you would like to acquire a new practice. Whether you wish to buy out a current partner or buy into an existing location, we offer 100% financing to qualified medical professionals.

Debt Restructuring

Finally, we have debt consolidation options that can help you turn multiple debts into a single monthly payment. Call us today to learn more.