Manage Growth With Purchase Order Financing

Purchas order financing is a good option if you are faced with periods of sudden demand or rapid growth. If your business is struggling to meet customer demands, then our programs can help you adjust.

Sudden Surges

If demand spikes for your products or services, it can be tempting to view the sudden surge as a windfall—unless your operating expenses also spike, making it difficult for you to handle the higher volumes. If your business can’t meet customer demands, then it might be crippled before it ever gets to take off. Purchase order financing allows you to afford the inventory, materials, or merchandise you might need, so that you can boost operations and reap profits.


What types of businesses can benefit from this form of funding? Purchase order financing is especially beneficial for manufacturers or producers, although it can also benefit:

  • Importers and exporters
  • Retailers
  • Wholesalers
  • Resellers

It can also be a great choice for businesses that have limited access to capital or poor cash flow. Startups might also be able to take advantages of this program.

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Purchase order financing is flexible, simple, and allows you to manage growth effectively. Avniel Commercial Funding is ready to help you better serve your customers—contact us today to learn more.