How to Keep Employee Morale Up

Reliable employees are an incredible find. Though there are no shortage of good ones out there, the harder task may actually be how to keep them around. Employee retention/happiness should be the top priority for any business, but so often gets pushed aside in favor of money-making strategies. Here are a few ways to keep your employees satisfied.

Encourage an Atmosphere of Teamwork

Some competition between coworkers is fine, but remember your employees should trust one another – or at least what one another can do – if they’re going to work together for you. Employees should not be under the impression that they can be replaced by each other. Use sports teams as an example for what healthy competition looks like. Rivalry in certain aspects is okay, but ultimately, your employees should feel like they are on the same team, not competing against everyone else.

Don’t Forget They Are Individuals

Now that you’re encouraging teamwork, remember your employees are also separate people with separate thoughts and ambitions. Nothing is more disheartening, and likely to affect their interest in working for you, than treating them as a collective entity. Show them that they are trusted and valued to maintain proper employee retention/happiness.

Recognize how capable your employees are, and try not to over-regulate their work. Give them some freedom to get things done in the way that makes most sense to them, and trust them to get it done. Nobody works well with someone breathing down their neck.

Always acknowledge their hard work and achievements. Obviously, a raise is ideal, but even smaller rewards can sometimes be acceptable. Never shirk on properly thanking and recognizing your employees either. Be specific about what you are praising them for, and take the time to do so in front of the rest of the company. You should always use genuine reasons for giving your employees recognition so that they feel appreciated without it seeming forced and superficial.

Communication Is Key

Be willing to listen and be another human being to your employees. While you do not have to pretend that everything is fine when issues arise, bear in mind that complications are an inevitable part of running a business. Your employees should not be afraid to report problems to you, and they should always feel confident about their involvement in your company. Keep them in the loop. They should never doubt their own future within your company, or think certain information is being kept from them.

Remember it is important to focus on employee retention/happiness to be successful as a business. Good employees know they’re good at what they do, and will leave if they are not satisfied. Do not forget that everyone wants the best employees working for them.


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