Unconventional Animal Business Ideas

People love their pets. Fido has gone from sheepherding and living in outdoor pens to getting pawdicures and wearing sunglasses. People also love the planet and want to preserve the environment and natural resources. Smart entrepreneurs are looking for ways to combine a love of animals with a sustainable business. This gives rise to many creative and unconventional ways of combining pets, planet, and profit.

Green Waste Management

Whether from Fido, Fluffy, or Chirpie, dealing with waste is a necessary part of having a pet. Waste from non-domestic animals like cows or horses can be enriching to soil as fertilizer. However, waste from domestic pets can destroy plants and be hazardous to people and other animals. Given this, pet waste removal and disposal is a necessity, for both people and the environment.

Don’t like the idea of cleaning up? Get creative with helpful, green products like biodegradable bags, scoopers, litter, etc. No matter how you work in this area, waste removal is beneficial to everyone and can create a long-term sustainable business.

Clothing and Accessories

People want their pets to be fashion-forward with clothes, shoes and accessories. Expand outward from dog goggles to cat bonnets and chicken sweaters. Don’t stop there, either. Beds, bags, sunglasses, toys, and other accessories are big business when it comes to pets. And each of these can be done in green ways, by using environmentally friendly, organic, or recycled fabrics and materials.

Cleaning and Beauty

Pet cleaning and grooming is big, sustainable business. People want their pets to look and smell good, which can be done in a green way. Consider opening your own eco-friendly pet salon, using organic and environmentally friendly products. You can even come up with your own soaps and cleaning products from common, organic materials. If you don’t want to open a salon, consider local markets or an online store.

Information and Technology

Giving green information can be just as lucrative as selling green products or services. Consider researching and writing a blog with educational content and eco tips. Review and recommend green products and get green advertisers. Use good content to attract and retain users. Then sell those users helpful, green products or services.

Technologically inclined? Build an app that combines pets, planet, and profit. Your app can provide helpful information or guidance on sustainable topics. It could address real-life needs such as emergency or health and safety information. The app can also track things like training, pet location, or exercise. Concentrate on creating an app that educates users about sustainable pet options or helps with other sustainable goals.

If helping protect the environment and working in the pet supplies or pet services field is important to you, consider one of these sustainable business ideas. Your pet and the planet will thank you.


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